WePadel Silver Open 20K Registration Closed

WePadel Silver Open 20K Registration Closed  


What is 360 Padel Tour?

A well-organized Padel community that has one ranking system to be applied to each & every tournament taking place in Alexandria.




It all started when Padel enthusiasts wanted to transform the community into something far more powerful than it is. Not by improving the physical state of players but also by increasing the values of teamwork, respect & ethics. We consider padel as a sport to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your skill level. You will find a fair tournament that follows a unified ranking system.

The idea of the 360 Padel Tour first came to light when two padel players decided to take matters into their own hands, they wanted to cultivate and grow one big family where each member shares the same values and wants to enjoy their time playing the sport.


360 Padel Tour is a circuit dedicated to the growth of padel all over Alexandria. We aim to create an environment that helps padel enthusiasts develop and unleash the padel pro inside! Our mission also includes becoming a vital asset to the padel community by creating a welcoming space for every padel player wanting to enjoy a tournament where they can grow into the padel professional they aspire to be. No matter the age or gender.


Our vision is to become the most influential padel circuit by developing and promoting padel across all of Egypt. We aim to showcase this popular sport to a broader audience and increase participation in the tournaments that will be held regularly for the love of the game.

Become a member of our big padel community


100 EGP

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