WePadel Silver Open 20K Registration Closed

WePadel Silver Open 20K Registration Closed  

360 Padel Clash (Level B)



*MUST READ* Rules:


The 360 Padel Clash is a weekly event designed to bring together 12 teams for a competitive and engaging padel. The Level B Clash takes place every other Sunday alternating with Level C.


The cost for participating in the 360 Padel Clash is 400 EGP per team (Including 2 and half playing hours “5 Matches” and 3 New cans of balls every Clash day), payable at the courts.


The clash is divided into two groups, Group A and Group B, to accommodate all the participating teams. Group A competes from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM, while Group B takes over from 9:30 PM to 12:00 AM.


The format of the tournament is a round-robin, also known as a league format. Each team in a group will play 5 matches against all the other teams in their respective group. This ensures fairness and equal chances for all participants. Each match consists of a single set of six games, with the possibility of a deciding golden point if the score reaches 40-40, at 5-5 games will play 2 games, including a tie-break game if needed.


* Registration for Level C & B Clash starts every Friday at 2:00 PM
* Teams must inform the organizers 24 hours in advance if they want to withdraw.
* Changing partners is not allowed, If a team withdraws, their spot will be filled with the first team on the waiting list (up to 4 teams).
* The 360 committee carefully assigns teams to groups based on rankings and competitiveness.
* Locations with at least three courts are used for the tournament to allow 5 matches each team and make waiting time ZERO.

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